Meet exemplary learning communities: Dream a Dream

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Meet the organisation

Dream a Dream empowers young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and flourish in a fast changing world using a creative life skills approach. Started in 1999, Dream a Dream works with 10,000 young people a year through our two innovation labs – After School Life Skills Programme and Career Connect Programme and have trained over 7,700 teachers/educators from 206 partners impacting over 1,92,500 children and have impacted over 1 million children through strategic partnerships with state governments in Delhi and Jharkhand. Dream a Dream works on a strong collaborative approach with local charities, corporates, volunteers, governments, expert consultants and a host of national and international strategic partners.

Meet the programmes

  • After School – Designed for 8-14-year-olds to develop interpersonal, cognitive, and creative skills through experiential learning (Learn more)
  • Career Connect – Aimed at 14-19-year-olds to equip them with skills that make them career ready, converting potential into capabilities (Learn more)
  • Teacher Development – Unlocking creativity and empathy among adults who work with young people, for holistic learning outcomes – (Learn more)
  • Volunteer engagement – Aimed at meaningfully engaging the corporate sector, colleges and individuals to champion the cause of life-skills (Learn more)

Meet the campaigns

As we make sense of the ‘new normal’ post the COVID-19 world, Dream a Dream offers you an invitation to join a global movement in education: #WhatIf.

The #WhatIf Movement is a community driven initiative with the intention to invite a pause, a moment, a stillness into our being before we can respond to support our children. It is an initiative to explore and discover what could be our most compassionate offer to our children during this pandemic and post when children begin to re-engage with school.

Meet the resources

(Note: Please reach out to Dream a Dream team ( and take assistance on how to use these resources.)

Watch Video : ‘We are Dream a Dream’

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